Lord Ayyappan:

The Prathishta is done as similar to Sri Dharma Sastha in Sabarimala. Temple opens at 5.30 AM Every day with Suprabhatham and closes at 8.30 PM after Harivarasanam. Karuppanna Swami & Karuppayiamma and Valiya Kadutha Swami adore on either side of the Lord Dharma Sastha. Ashtabhikesham is performed on every Saturday. It shall also be performed whenever Devotees Request for it. Ghee Abishikam , Chandana kapu ,Neeranjanam, Archana, Aikyamuktha Suktha Pushpanjali are special offerings for Lord Dharma Sastha. Kadum payasam is offered everyday. Karpoora Jothi pradakshinam is performed every Saturday. During the festival time, Laksharchana, Annadhanam , Pushpaabishekam are done. During Mandalam, arrangements are made for the sale of Thulasi maala, Dhothi, Irumudi bag, and other accessories for sabari yathra. Irumudi kattu is done by senior guruswamy(s) in the temple and all the materials for the such yathra are arranged by the temple at a nominal charge. During Mandalam, Mandala Poojas are performed elaborately. During the makarajyothi day, Thiruvabharana procession is conducted. The Yathra starts from Bhavani Amman temple, pammal with traditional drums and lamps and culminate at temple before Deeparadhana. Krishna parundhu (Holy Eagle) guards the procession, like sabarimala, a unique feature of our temple, which implies the presence of lord Ayyappan in the temple. During deeparadhana, Makarajyothi is lit atop Sivan malai every year.

Lord Ganapathi:

Our Ganapathi Idol is a Edampuri Vinayagar (the trunk in the left side) as it is in Sabarimala. The Ashtadravya maha Ganapathy homam is being performed on the first day of every Malayalam month. Ashtaabhishekam is performed on the chathurthi day of every Month. During mandalam Season, Ganapathy Homam is performed on all the 41 days.

Lord Malikapurathamma(Durga):

It is a unique Ashtabhujam prathishta – with 8 Hands which can’t be seen nearby temples. Durga is facing East, looking at Lord Shiva. Bhagavatiseva is performed on the last Friday of every Malayalam month. During the month of Adi and Navarathiri, Bhagavatiseva is being performed on every Tuesdays and Fridays. Sarva Aishwarya pooja (Vilakku Pooja) is performed twice in a year wherein Women Devotees participate in large numbers.

Lord Siva:

Lord Siva is a “Marakatha Lingam” facing West, looking at Goddess Durga. It is a Somaprathishta as in Kerala, where full pradhakshinam is not allowed. There is a Natural Vilva tree behind the sanctorum. Rudraksha sapling, brought from Holy place Amarnath, was planted in front of the Sanctorum. It has grown up well and it is very unique in any South Indian temple. Mrutyunjaya Homam, Jaladhaara, Uma Maheshwara Pooja and Pradhosha Pooja are performed regularly. During Sivarathiri Panchayaama Pooja ( 5 kalaa pooja performed).

Lord Nagaraja & Nagayakshi:

During the construction activities, many snakes were seen roaming in the premises which implied the presence of Nagaraja. More over, there is a natural presence of Neem, Peepal and vilva tree together. Accordingly, as per the Thantric System of Agamasashtra, Nagaraja (Siva) and Nagayakshi (Vishnu) were installed in the temple. The Avaahanam was done from Nagampuzhimana near Vaikom, where Lord Siva appeared in the form of snake. The predecessor of the temple belong to Mannarsala (Snake temple). Monthly Ayilya pooja, Annual Nagapanchami Pooja and Sarpapreethi Utsavam are performed. During Sarpapreethi Utsavam, Sarpa Bali, Sarpa Santhi , Sarpa homam , palpayasam homam, Sarpa suktha pushpanchali and Noorum Palum, Vazhipadu are performed for those whom have Rahu, Kethu and Kala Sarpa Dhosham. Every year during the Pooja, it is always experienced that Nagaraja will appear during the day and bless every one. (During current year pooja, a nagaraja (Real snake) came late in the evening to the temple premises). We have displayed the photo in our website gallery (Naga Pooja).

Lord Guruvayurappan:

The Sanctorum is circular in shape as it is in Ambalapuzha, Kerala. Palpayasam is offered everyday after a customary oil bath to the lord. Vishnu Sahasranama Parayanam and Narayaneeyam are Chanted on every Thursdays. Swayamvara pushpanjali (for marriage) , Santhana gopalakrishna Pooja (for the Child Birth) , Bagyasuktha pushpanjali are the special offerings for the Lord Guruvayurappan. Annaprashanam on the 6th Month of the New Born baby is performed in the temple. Thulabaram will be introduced shortly.

Lord Anjaneyar:

The Idol is installed on the right side of lord Guruvayurappan. Vennai Kappu, Vetrilai Malai , Thulasi Malai are the regular offerings.

Lord Murugan:

Lord Murugan is the most recent Prathishtas of this temple. This prathista is in the form of Balasubramanian. Shashti Pooja is performed every month with pal abhishekam. Panguni Uthram and Thai poosam are celebrated in a grand manner.