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Ganapathy Homam
Rs. 50

Ganapathy Homam is performed to get happiness, Prosperity and good health. Maha Ganapathy who is supreme of all god is worshipped and homam is performed at the beginning to overcome the obstacles in all the activities we do.

Rs. 40

Neeranjanam is performed to remove adverse effects of Sani Dosham (Saturn) and the Drishti. A wick made up of sesame seeds is dipped in Ghee and it is lighted in front of the deity.

Rs. 40

Archana is a special, personal, abbreviated puja done by temple priests in which the name, birth star and family lineage of a devotee are recited to invoke individual guidance and blessings. Archana also refers to chanting the names of the Deity, which is a central part of every puja

Rs. 20

Pushpanjali is the vedic chanting of mantras and offering the flowers of different colours and fragrances to the deity.

Rs. 20

Kumkumanjali is doing pooja with the kumkum by chanting vedic matras. This pooja is offered to Sri Durga, Lakshmi , and Bhagavathy.

Rs. 40

Jal Dhara is a pot shaped utensil with a small hole to its bottom. Jal Dhara is filled with water / milk / mixture of both and is hung on a Shivling, while doing Abhishekam. It is believed that due to the drinking of Halahala poison by Lord Shiva, which emerged out of the churning of the ocean, water/milk is poured on the Shivling as a symbol to calm and relieve His body.

Rs. 10

Pinvilakku is For delayed marriages worship the Lord Siva in the evening lighting ghee lamp inside the Srikovil in order to invoke the blessings of Lord Siva in whom Sakti of Goddess Parvathi is latent. Lighting the Pin Vilakku (at the back of the Siva Linga)

Ayilya Pooja
Rs. 50

The monthly Naga Puja or Aayilya Puja (also called Sarpam Pooja) performed on every Aayilyam star of Malayalam Calendar month is very unique and famous. This pooja is performed for marriage, childlessness and rahu kedhu dosham.

Mala Pooja
Rs. 20

Sudhi pooja is performed for the mala before wearing it for the sabarimala vratham

Nei Vilakku
Rs. 10

Neivilakku is lit in the temple to brighten one�s life and to bring down sorrows.

Swayamvara Pushpanjali
Rs. 30

Swayamvara Pushpanjali is performed for the delay in marriage.

Santhanagopala Pushpanjali
Rs. 30

Santhanagopala pushpanjali is performed for childlessness.

Bhagyasuktha Pushpanjali
Rs. 30

Offering of flowers with Recitation of Rig vedic hymn for luck

Mrithyunjaya Pushpanjali
Rs. 30

Puja is performed with the flowers to overcome sickness.

Aikyamathyasuktha pushpanjali
Rs. 30

Offering of flowers With Rigvedic hymn for unity

Pusrushasuktha Pushpanjali
Rs. 30

Offering of flowers with Recitation of Rigvedic hymn Purushasooktam

Ashtothra Pushpanjali
Rs. 30

Offering of flowers With Ashtothra Manthra

Sudharshana Manthra pushpanjali
Rs. 30

Offering of flowers With Sudharshana manthra

Nithya Pooja
Rs. 1001

Daily Pooja performed in the temple.

Bhagavathy Seva
Rs. 500

Bagavathy Seva is performed for bestowing prosperity, good health, and wealth. only trained priests may perform this puja since it involves both tantrik and agamic principles of worship.

Rs. 500

Ashtabhishekam is perform for the good health and wealth of the family

Chandhana Kaapu (Full)
Rs. 1000

Masking of deities with chandhanam

Chandhana Kaapu (Face)
Rs. 300

Masking face of deities with chandhanam

Kala Sarpadhosha Parihara Pooja
Rs. 1000

Kala Sarpadhosha parihara pooja is performed to remove sarpadhosham